The term relationship can be defined as a particular type of connection existing among a set of people related closely to each other or having any kind of dealings. Trust is the fundamental thing of any relationship. A love relationship is considered successful if it lasts long. Short term relationships are based on the self interests. The primary requirement to sustain to a relationship is interdependence of two or more than two persons.

Long relationship needs patience, understanding and trust. There are times when for months you don’t see each other and attraction towards a person of opposite sex in your close proximity is inevitable.

This is a test of true love in long distance relationships. Either you give in to temptations or be faithful to each other and cement your relation.

Who doesn’t face rough patch in a relationship. But that doesn’t mean to call it quits. Relationship talks help in putting forth your emotions and speak your dilemma and confusion.

When the roots of doubt and suspicion creeps in a relationship and you start concealing yourself behind the faked emotions. Just know, there’s a trouble in paradise. Relationship talks are very helpful in mending the differences and can put your relation with loved ones back on the right track.

Soul interaction is the core of any relationship. True love sustains on the giving and sacrifice.

It is very easy to end a relationship but extremely difficult to forge one. Life is a gift of God, but it can be blessed being in relationship with someone who is very close to heart; who fits to be your valentine. The life with that person will automatically be a valentine gift.

You should not expect anything from the recipient. Expectations are the major causes for all tensions and depressions. Creation, protection and failure of relationships are common problems nowadays. Maintaining a relationship requires immense patience and balance. Breaking of relationship is quite painful and unbearable. Do not take your loved ones for granted.

Make them feel special during occasions. If you do not want to experience this pain, here are a few significant tips.