Being part of a long term, loving relationship is not always easy, and along the way you will have to adapt, change and compromise in order to form a deep and lasting bond with your partner.  Things can get even more challenging if you decide to have children, as they will take up a lot of your time and energy and this can make it difficult to put in enough effort to strengthening your relationship and keeping it fun and enjoyable.

Liven up Your Sex Life
That sexual buzz you first feel when you get together with someone soon fades, but this is not actually a bad thing as it can lead to way to a very fulfilling and exciting sex life, one that is based on two of the strongest foundations: trust and experience.  Getting to know someone over time can give you a greater understanding of their likes and dislikes, and you will also learn to trust each other and this can make it much easier to be expressive and free with your sexual exploration.  There are a number of stimulating experiences you can bring to your sex life, from dressing up and role playing to introducing fun adult toys such as vibrators and mild restraints.


Don’t forget the reasons why you first got together with your partner, and try to recreate those first exciting moments by taking time to keep the romance alive in your relationship.  This means asking your partner out on dates and treating each other to new and stimulating experiences, and if you have children make sure you can arrange to have a overnight stay for them at their grandparents or another close family member’s home at least once a month, as this will give you and your partner the chance to devote some quality time to each other, and also give you some time alone to experiment with any new love making techniques you have been wanting to try.

By making sure you keep the romance and fun alive in your relationship you can help to avoid falling into a rut with your sex life, as one of the main problems long term couples have is ‘getting in the mood’, as so many every day matters can wear you down and leave you feeling so tired the last thing on your mind is a wild night in bed.

Never be afraid to express yourself during sex, as this can be a great way to express your feelings and release tension and stress, and a healthy, loving sexual bond is the key to a long and lasting relationship.