If you are a single woman who is either looking for someone new to spend time with or you are already involved with a man, you may be wondering how to get and keep his attention. There are some simple ways for women to attract men and employing one or all will give you amazing results.

One of the best ways for women to attract men is to be witty. Men love a woman who has fun and has a vibrant outlook on the world. When you are spending time either talking to someone you’ve just met or chatting with your boyfriend, keep a humorous tone to the conversation. This doesn’t mean that you should tease him endlessly. Also, never use self deprecating humor to get him to smile. Instead keep the conversation light and fun at times. He’ll appreciate the clever side to your personality and men really enjoy women who can make them smile.

Being honest is a huge turn on to a man. Men like women who are genuine. This means telling it like it is. If he asks what you do for a living and you are tempted to spice it up by making it sound better than it is, he may see through the charade. Be upfront and answer all his questions truthfully. You never know when a chance meeting can turn into a potential long term love affair. You want to be who you really are from the get go. Men can tell when a woman is embellishing her life to impress them.

Don’t overdress. One of the mistakes that many women make is to wear provocative clothing because they think men will chase them. Men judge who you are as a person by what you wear. Don’t be too heavy with the make up and just a light touch of perfume is always right. You want to give him the impression that you value yourself and that you aren’t defined by what’s spilling out of your clothes. Showing less is always the best thing to do.

Never compare yourself to other women. One of the best ways for women to attract men is to show they aren’t intimated by other women. If you really feel the need to react when a man looks the way of another girl, make a positive comment about her. If you say something nice about her purse, shoes or clothing he’ll instantly think you’re not the jealous type. Men love women who exude tons of self confidence.

Another of the effective ways for women to attract men is to stay involved in their own lives. The minute you become always available to a man, you start to be boring. Never give up your own interests to fit in with those of a man you are involved with. Men love a woman who has a full and rich life. You’ll always be interesting to him if you don’t spend all your time fawning over him.